Radio Ngoma #9 Eternity (2011-09-30)

Radio Ngoma #9 Eternity (2011-09-30)

“NGOMA 9 focuses on North Africa and the Middle East.On the other side of the sahara, African rhythms become more angular, colder; and the tones deeper, ominously darker, comprised of what we in the west call “minor keys”.Mostly comprising of killer classics from several different eras and regions, sometimes re-fixed and mashed up: Egyptian darbuka meets Kraftwerk, Palestinian electric oud spiced with afro drums, Israeli folk music with the moonbah treatment.Also included are some relatively contemporary groups like the unique electro-dub outfit Checkpoint 303, as well as Arabic diaspora sounds like Algerian expat Hiphop made in France. ”


~ by daneddisford on November 6, 2011.

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